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International Association of Hydrogeologists

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5th June 2014
Burlington House, London

Groundwater plays a key role in the provision of reliable water supplies in many less-developed regions of the world. Due to its complexity, a detailed understanding of the groundwater environment is often required to ensure that resources are exploited in a safe, sustainable and cost-effective way. Hydrogeologists without Borders UK, in conjunction with the Hydro Group and IAH, is holding a one day meeting to promote links and discussion between those actively involved in the delivery of WASH and experts from the groundwater community. The key aims of the meeting are: (1) to highlight some of the specific challenges associated with delivering water resources projects in an aid or development context; (2) to explore the short and long term benefits of incorporating good groundwater science into water resources projects; (3) to highlight current research from within the groundwater community and facilitate discussion on how this is best transferred into practice. We will hear from a range of experts from the donor, NGO and groundwater communities, including Guy Howard, head of WASH Policy at DFID, and Richard Carter, director of Richard Carter & Associates and visiting professor of International Water Development at Cranfield University. We are also seeking contributions to a soapbox session (short presentations and/or posters) which will address the aims above. Contributions may include case studies from those actively involved in the delivery of WASH projects, with a particular emphasis on groundwater, or examples of relevant research from within the groundwater community. Further details, along with information on how to register, can be found on the Geological Society or HWB-UK website: http://www.geolsoc.org.uk/Hydrogeology-and-WASH http://www.hydrogeologistswithoutborders.org.uk/