IAH Books

IAH Green Book ‘Advances in Subsurface Pollution of Porous Media’

IAH Blue Book ‘Climate Change Effects on Groundwater resources’

IAH books consist of two series arising from IAH Congress meetings, IAH Commissions and a variety of other sources with the common theme of disseminating the science of hydrogeology.  They are all highly respected sources and include case studies, regional descriptions, analyses of sub-disciplines and outputs from major international programmes.

The first series is the Selected Papers, often referred to as the ‘green books’.  These are collections of papers derived from Congress and other meetings which normally, but not always, were sponsored by IAH. They may also be a collection of papers derived from a programme of investigation that again need not necessarily have enjoyed direct IAH involvement. [see recent publications]

The second series, International Contributions to Hydrogeology, the ‘blue books’, are intended to have a longer shelf life than the Selected Papers.  This series includes monographs on sub-disciplines of hydrogeology as well as outlets for major international investigatory programmes and collections of papers within a broad theme of international interest. [view recent publications]

IAH is keen to develop its books series and invites you to submit proposals, either as a convenor of a scientific meeting or as a person or group of people who are keen to prepare a book that will be of interest to the international hydrogeological community.  As a book series the IAH books do not attract a citation score, but they have a wide readership and both chapters within the books and the books themselves are highly respected sources that are widely cited in the technical literature.  The Series Editor, Nick Robins, will be pleased to discuss proposals with you and develop new proposals for books for submission to the publisher in Leiden.  Electronic proposal forms are available from the Series Editor.

More information, member discount and IAH’s out-of-print books

CRC Press offer books in the two IAH book series to members at a generous discount rate of 60%.  Recently published and forthcoming titles include a variety of exciting topics that are of interest to the international hydrogeological community. Members can view instructions for ordering books with this discount here.  Alternatively to purchase books online (currently no discount available) go to http://www.crcpress.com/.

IAH also has compiled a library all the Selected Papers and International Contributions to Hydrogeology. This includes full downloadable pdf files of all the books that are now out of print.  All other titles remain in print or are available through print on demand from the publisher. To access this information and to download the out of print books click here.