The 2018 Ineson Lecture was held at the Geological Society, London on 29 November. The theme of the meeting was Hydrochemistry and Human Health.

The 2018 Ineson Lecturer was Dr Pauline Smedley, principal hydrogeochemist at the British Geological Survey, on Hydrogeochemistry of trace elements and human health: from the water table to the kitchen table.

Dr Smedley’s research interests include:

  • Potential environmental impacts of shale-gas development in the UK
  • Processes controlling mobilisation and transport of trace elements of health concern in groundwaters (arsenic, fluoride, molybdenum, uranium, nickel)
  • The baseline chemistry of groundwaters
  • Water quality and impacts in developing countries
  • Inorganic chemistry of bottled water

The Ineson Lecture was accompanied by a series of supporting speakers on the theme of hydrochemistry and human health in the UK and internationally, including:

    • Dr Mohammad Hoque, University of Portsmouth, and Dr Adrian Butler, Imperial College London.
    • Marianne Stuart, British Geological Survey
    • Prof John Tellam and Michael Riley, University of Birmingham
    • Prof David Polya, University of Manchester
    • Peter Ravenscroft, National Hydrology Project, India

The meeting also included presentation of the IAH British Chapter John Day Bursary, the Geological Society Hydrogeology Group Whitaker Medal and the IAH Applied Hydrogeology Award, and a post-meeting drinks reception.

See the Ineson 2018 final programme, with speaker and poster abstracts.

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