The IAH is a global organisation, with over 300 members in the UK and over 4000 internationally. It is the largest groundwater organisation in the world, and here are some of the key benefits:

  • The IAH provides a place to engage with hydrogeology as part of a larger community. Few organisations require more than, at most, a few hydrogeologists. Networking with our members, attending events, and participating in our forums, commissions & networks, all offer the opportunity to participate in the wider hydrogeological community.
  • Our Association is a place to continue learning no matter what stage your career. We produce a high output of scientific, technical and practical texts, and organise a wide variety of national and international conferences and workshops. Many of our members are highly experienced, at the cutting edge of their discipline, and involved in educating others and making a difference on the ground.
  • The Early Career Hydrogeologists Network provides especial support to those at the beginning of their careers. It is actively supported by the British Chapter Committee, including small grant awards for overseas projects to early career hydrogeologists, and also holds an annual conference.
  • Membership of IAH serves to advance research and foster professional development. The IAH promotes the causes of its members, and provides and maintains standards for best practice, professional conduct and ethical behavior.
  • As well as the above, membership includes:
    • Subscription to Hydrogeology Journal
    • Regular newsletters and bulletins
    • Discounts on national and international conferences
    • Significant discounts on IAH, Springer-Verlag and Wiley-Blackwell publications.
    • Ordinary membership is 86 Euro/annum, with discounts available for students and members from low-income countries.

If you are interested to learn more, please get in touch with one of the committee members given at the menu on the homepage, or visit