Article 1

Definition and Aims

1.1. The name of the committee shall be the British Committee of the International Association of Hydrogeologists.

1.2. The British Committee shall operate within the framework provided by the Statutes, Bye-laws or Rules of IAH.

1.3. The British Committee shall have as its aims:

a) Representation of the members of the British Chapter of the IAH in the activities of the parent body and in other international activities as appropriate.

b) Appointment of reporters to the Council Meetings of IAH.

c) Promotion of activities which further the science and technology of hydrogeology.

d) Stimulation of interest of hydrogeologists in Britain in the activities of IAH.

e) Maintenance of a dialogue with other groups in Britain concerned with national and international groundwater-related activities.

Article 2


2.1. The membership of the British Committee shall consist of:

a) Ten elected members of IAH (ordinary members). Members of IAH may be eligible for election if they reside in Britain or if they work overseas but their permanent domicile is in Britain.

b) Serving members of the Council of IAH resident in Britain.

c) The Chairperson of the Hydrogeological Group of the Geological Society.

d) Up to four co-opted members.

i) Co-opted members shall not have voting rights.

ii) Co-opted members will usually be co-opted for specific tasks/roles.

iii) Co-opted members are co-opted with a view to becoming ordinary members, for the purposes of ensuring continuity of committee activities, and within two years of being co-opted to the Committee.

2.2. Ordinary members of the Committee will normally serve for one five-year term beginning on the day of election.

a) No ordinary members shall serve more than two terms consecutively (but see 2.3).

b) Members who have served two consecutive terms are not eligible to reapply for membership until a period of five years has elapsed since departing the Committee

2.3. The officers of the British Committee for IAH shall be a Chairperson, a Secretary and a Treasurer, who shall be appointed by the Committee from amongst their membership.

a) The Chairperson shall serve for one five-year term which is not renewable.

b) The Secretary and the Treasurer, if elected, may serve for a further term.

2.4 The Chairperson will preside over meetings of the Committee.

2.5 The Secretary will be responsible for preparing minutes of meetings and other general administrative work.

2.6 The Treasurer will collect and hold the funds belonging to the Committee and shall present regular (normally annual) accounts.

2.7 Vacancies on the Committee will be advertised by the Secretary as required.

a) Prospective Committee members must be proposed by two members of the British Chapter of the IAH.

b) The Secretary will organise a ballot of the membership if there are more candidates than vacancies on the Committee.

2.8 The annual membership fee for the members of the British Chapter of the IAH will be set by the central IAH council.

Article 3

Meetings & Decisions

3.1. The British Committee of IAH shall meet at least once per calendar year and more frequently if requested by members of the Committee.

3.2. Decision making:

a) A quorum shall consist of four elected (ordinary) members of the Committee.

b) Each member of the Committee, with the exception of co-opted members, shall have one vote.

c) Decisions will be made by a majority vote with the Chairperson having the casting vote if necessary.

d) If a quorum cannot be achieved, business may continue, but decisions must be ratified by the next meetings of the Committee at which there is a quorum.

Article 4

Changes to the constitution

4.1. Changes to this constitution may be made upon the affirmative vote of at least two-thirds (rounded up) of the voting members of the Committee.